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Let me introduce you to a new Minecraft server, OrpetveitMC. A server that we've been working on for 4 months now, A server so fun to play, you won't leave. In Orpetveit you will find fun minigame types that you can play right now and for absolutely free.

Factions - Create factions, Invite your friends, Build amazing bases and fight against other bases, With new additions to factions like never seen in any other server.

Duels - You versus another player, Who will win? Fight against other players to win Elo points, with awesome kits and the ability to build in maps, Leaderboards included! Duels will give the players a unique experience when playing.

Build N' Guess - 1 Builder, 6 Guessers, As simple as that. You build and the others have to guess what you are building. Win points, and coins and get high on the leaderboards.

Private Servers - Do you want to play with your friends on a server, but too lazy / don't know how to create one? In Orpetveit it couldn't be simpler. Get "Renting Points" from winning games or buy them through our store (Accessible by executing "/store" in-game).

How do I join?

Couldn't be simpler, Orpetveit is a Minecraft PC Server, or "Java Edition" if you want to use fancy words. All you need to do is to click on the "Add Server" button, in the Multiplayer category, and add this IP address:

(Version 1.8-1.12) Make sure ´╗┐you don't include any spaces when adding the server, otherwise Minecraft won't recognize it. Click on the "Join Server" button, Or right-click on the server, And that's it! You can now play on our server and enjoy our completely free Minecraft minigames, You will be greeted with one of our hubs.

Keep in touch!

We have forums, discuss anything related and unrelated to OrpetveitMC. Website We also have a discord server, With our very own bot, that can help you in server-related stuff, such as setting your in-game rank to our discord server! Discord Want to use the old-fashioned way and contact us via Email? Feel free to do that, We will get back to you as soon as possible! ""

  • @TullyMastully Owner and Developer for OrpetveitMC.