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TechnaFeather Contains exploration, Magic, And technology alike! Created by mrmario225

We use a whitelist on The TechnaFeather modded private server in an attempt to screen new players before they have access to the server.

We do check the ban records of other servers, and understand that sometimes players can get unfairly banned from servers or have made mistakes in the past that resulted in a ban. So if you have been banned from another server please be honest and tell us! If you are open and honest then having a ban on another server will not affect your application.

The whitelist process is very simple. First you will need to download the modpack from www.technicpack.net/modpack/technafeather.1097803 and make sure you are able to run it. We also recommend using 4GB+ Of ram for the modpack.

Submit your application by leaving a comment using the template below and you will receive a private message informing you of your successful application or declined with some information on why.

Your whitelist application will then be reviewed by server staff. The whitelist process is manual so please be patient.

Please read the following carefully! Please read the RULES before applying.

The TechnaFeather Modded Server Rules: When playing on our server you agree to abide by the following rules.

[1] Respect other players. [2] No griefing, stealing or destroying others property. [3] Do not ask for staff ranks, admin, or OP. [4] No cheating, bug abusing, x-raying or using hacked clients. [5] Do not build next to another player without their permission and do not build over large areas to which you have no claim. [6] No offensive builds, this includes words and symbols. [7] Please do not attempt to bypass, push the rules to the limit, question their validity or argue with staff, their word is final.

Anyone choosing to ignore or break the above rules will be given a warning and or temp banned. In severe and repeat cases of rule breaks the offending player will be removed from the whitelist and denied access to the server.

Please submit your application using a new comment below. Do not reply to another comment or your application may get lost.

Your application should use the following template format. (just copy and paste the template below) PLEASE TEST THE MODPACK BEFORE APPLYING! (Side note: Don't change optifines Chunk Loading, Leave it at default other wise it may cause crashing.) (* Required field)

*Your Minecraft name:



*Discord: example#1234

*Have you been banned from any other servers? (If yes, please add how long ago and why?)

*Why would you like to join our server?

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?

How did you find out about our server? (If you were told about the server by a friend who already is whitelisted, then tell us who!)

*Did you test the modpack to make sure you can run it?

*Do you agree to follow the server rules?