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Waterfall 1.7.x, 1.8.x




The server uses our custom modpack which can be downloaded here:

'Danish-English Dynamite' is a multiplayer modpack created to work in tandem with our robust built in server. The modpack offers a large and diverse collection of mods that enables fun yet challenging gameplay for you and your friends to enjoy! It's contents should appeal to everyone's taste ranging from a large catalog of magical mods to an even crazier amount of futuristic/technology focused mods + much more in between!! We promise you'll never get bored! Furthermore updates occur on a regular basis adding even more to the experience!

-[ CLANS ]-

Joining or creating a clan is the best way to team up with your friends or other players! Command: [ /clan ]

-[ FTB Utilities ]-

Ingame friendslist and chunk claiming made easy with an intuitive interface!

-[ Friendly Community ]-

Need help but no staff is online? Don't worry our Awesome community has you covered!

I'm very open to suggestions. If you have a mod that you think would be a cool addition to the modpack please let me know! Am i not online? Then you may send a mail using the [/mail] command and ill give it a look :).

Encounter any bugs/glitches or crashes, make sure to report it to our staff for a fix to be made!

Also, feel free to visit our TeamSpeak []

Staff: Brandtlund and Hax165

Modpack Author: Hax165