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From the people who brought you the recommended Voltz server comes a full raid/grief server running the latest version of "The 1.7.10 Pack"

Including mods like Thaumcraft, Computercraft and Defense Tech (A remake of ICBM for 1.7.10).

Come and experience a full modded warfare server where nobody is safe.

Destroy all who stand in your way on the road to global conquest!



Yep Gabribandi your teams base wasnt destroyed because you were trying to tell the server how to dupe, or because after spawn was destroyed your team kept the items from it and did not disclose it or anything. https://gyazo.com/2de9e2d5895aa7fd706b47dba8af24af
Arkio, 4 years ago
Worst admins ever. They have destroyed our base after almost 1 week of playing, continuous lag crashes. awful service and ask for donation also dont play this
cube, 4 years ago
Worst admins ever. Destroyed our base after almost 1 week of playing. Continuous crashes. Awful service and ask for donation also. Dont play this
Gabribandi7, 4 years ago
Test comment from the site admin. Will be deleted afterward.
z1haze, 4 years ago
Hey Lagon8 or Arkio (the way i got banned is just not understood) ----> if you are wondering how i raided you guys Well, its all started when Lucy in spawn and she got her morph bug (the taint stuff) then arkio came and i tracked then went back to the base then got the cords so i went there to see if they are at the base if not i will sneak and take the drives and runaway. but that didn't work tho they attacked me so i tried and open and take stuff quickly but i couldn't because of the security, anyways Arkio killed me and i went back to my base and logged out and went on a single player test world so i tried lots of stuff on how i can get the stuff so i figured out that i can use a matter cannon, so i tested it and it worked so i came back on the server the next day (cuz i was tired) so the next day comes and i go to there base and find no one is there so i use my Matter cannon to go down there and get the drives. if you are wondering how i could have used the cannon is by doing it without high lightning on the block, so i could do it while in air from a far. so i did that and got the drives and went to base placed it all in there and then went to my friends base then suddenly Lucy tp and blow up the base (i thought admins are players Atleast thats what the rules said at spawn) then i went to spawn and she tp again but thankfully I'm at spawn then suddenly i get banned saying (Fu** you) after a while the ban changed into (the hammer has been spoken) I'm guessing lagon8 changed that. so if..... you guys say that admins and owners are any normal players then i shouldn't get banned what so ever besides i didn't use any bypass or anything and besides the matter cannon is from the same mod so it might have been a intentional from the same mod creator plz i will be w8ing your replay .........................................................
AgitoAk, 5 years ago