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Octagon PVP is the first minecraft server to have been launched in the sarez domain. Octagon is a Spigot factions server, that is like no other factions server. Why is this? It is because most faction servers give you everything you need as soon as you join, you have access to /kit , and you can pick a kit for free that meets your rank. We do not do this. We feel that factions is becoming a bit too easy and that it needs to be drawn back to the point of the plugin. Our server is on "normal” mode (Not hardcore mode), this obviously means that the game will be a bit more harder, making it difficult to find and build you faction base because of the amount of mobs in game. You will have to knock down your own trees to build your own items, or if trees are extinct in your area, you can do ‘/shop’ to teleport to the shop. The shop contains a small amount of items that don’t let you cheat the game completely. Are you planning to go and attack that base that is a few chunks away? You can go to the shop to buy the items you need to build a potion to assist you.

Voting on the server gets you: 5 diamonds, 16 steak, 5 oak saplings, a chest and 10 XP levels. What a great way to start the game.

Contact: contact@sarez.co.uk

You can DONATE here: http://buy.sarezgames.net/

Plugins that make the server unique:

  • neoPaintingSwitch
  • ClearLag
  • Jail
  • Votifier
  • WhatIsIt
  • mcMMO
  • MassiveCore
  • Backpacks
  • Dynmap
  • WorldBorder
  • Factions
  • PlayerHeads
  • Vaults
  • And other admin plugins to keep your gameplay safe.