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So you probably want to get to know about me so... Hey! I am a factions player of about 4 years going from hard core factions to op factions and semi op factions [ favorite]. However, throughout those years I have felt as if I need something different as most servers I have found have been the same including plugins, spawns and rules.

Essentially, what I would like to inform you is that this server is different, original. The foundations of this server lie is the region of semi op factions but we do have much more to offer than that. Firstly, we have a variety of games you can play to receive crate keys, op armor and tools. The games include: King of the hills, Where you have to compete with other players to capture the appropriate capture point. Treasure Hunts, Where we give you random coordinates to find and fight your way to acquire the treasure. Knockback wars, Where you have a knockback 5 stick and the aim of the game is to knock users in to cactus and the last man standing wins. PvP tournaments, Where you battle between players with the same armor to see who is the best pvper on the server. Run from the beast, We wanted to take the popular game of run from the beast and incorporate this with our server. Obviously the rules of the game is to parkour your way to the end either dying on the way or gathering the materials to defeat the beast. Finally, the last game is called: Defeat the Gods, Where the aim is to kill the god. However there are many hardships to this. Traps, Mobs, Weapons and Armor are spawned to protect the god. Secondly, Our server is made only of custom made buildings as we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of gameplay on Minecraft. We believe that as a server this is our duty to produce nothing but original content. As you would presume from the servers name, this servers builds are inspired be Greek gods and temples of that era. Thirdly, we have many affordable ranks and crate keys that you can buy from our store. However if you cannot afford them we will try to give away ranks and crate keys in our games as I have talked about above. Fourthly, AthenaPvP has lots of custom made artwork including the server icon, buy craft rank icons and more. Lastly, and the most important quality of our server is our staff members. As they help mould the community and give the best impression of our server. We try our hardest to get professional, active and mature staff members. Firstly, Our application process allows us to cancel out many of the people that do not fit the high standards of our staff team. Secondly, We interview them so we can understand what they can do for the community, if their reasons are appropriate. Lastly, We do not tolerate any form of abuse regarding our staff team. Any non forged correct reports of our staff team breaking any rules will either get warned or demoted. We are always looking to recruit new members of the community who will help to moderate the server. So, please apply.

We offer hours of game play in our worlds, where we prioritise supporting the community. We want you to enjoy the semi op factions quality with our unique twist to it. We warmly welcome you to the server.

Thanks, Fendii