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[2.1.5] Coolax-Gaming Blightfall

Factions The server is based around PVP-Factions. This allows players to have the ultimate war-like experience. However, if you want to have a quiet and friendly experience, you can claim your chests and blocks. As long as you don’t die, your stuff is safe! Custom factions hookups are also implemented to enhance your experience. These hookups range from modded protection to a faction chat!

Patches To make ourselves unique from our rivals, we try and provide an experience found no where else. This is achieved by coding custom plugins and modifying existing ones to enhance the server’s performance. Unlike other servers, we would rather spend our time to patch dupes and bugs, rather than just ban said item. This allows for the player to use nearly every item in the game exactly the way it was supposed to be used. We are working day and night to make sure the server runs smoothly and stays trouble free.

No Lag All our servers have virtually no lag because of optimizations and high-end hardware. We run on 8 core Xeons and error correcting memory. To combat network issues, we have DDOS protection and a 1GB/sec uplink. The optic fiber connection insures low latency and minimal packet loss. Our optimizations include modified plugins, kernels and API’s. The software that we use has gone through rigorous testing before being put in. You cant get the same experience anywhere!

Community We have a very friendly community full of people who love modded servers. All our staff are trained, and our player base is fantastic. This insures that you have many people to play with! We have an interactive site that can be used to get in contact with the staff team or your friends. The website also has a ticket system which allows you to submit a support ticket regarding, well, almost anything!