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OminousPrison, The best OP Prison experience. There are very many ranks, ranging from A-Z with prestige. There are 6 donator ranks that will benefit you in your prison experience.

We have just begun and are already getting a multitude of players. We have committed donors and staff members, but we definitely need you.

We hold an average of 10-20 daily committed players who enjoy the server from a pool of over 1,000 unique players.

As you could expect, we experience many “hackers” that interfere with our vision. Which is why we are always looking for a solid team of dedicated staff members to moderate the gameplay of our players.

Your role as a helper or moderator is to ensure that all players have a non-toxic experience. You will be given a suite of tools to moderate chat and behaviour.

If you are interested in growing a strong community with us, we encourage you to apply through the private application on our website.

Go to ominousprison.com for the application.

The details will be on the application, but be prepared to share with us any/all previous experience working with other servers or in the Minecraft community.

We review all applications thoroughly and will respond within 24 hours. Thank you for taking your time to consider building a strong community with us.

With best regards,

Sammy Owner of OminousPrison OminousPrison.com