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Altitude is different, and yet it isn't. We wanted a server with the classic creative and survival gamemodes, centered on community and good times - not features and numbers. Altitude focuses on the little things, and perfects each and every one. For over 16 months now we've run a server where everyone knows everyone and comes together for a good time. Altitude is more than a server, its a community, and ​we want you to be a part of it. The features we've added have been carefully chosen to build on the vanilla experience, and create a server where you can enjoy the original Minecraft game in a community setting. We focused on the little things and made a simple server with a professional feel. You wont find any game-changing plugins, only the familiar survival experience we've all come to love. GriefPrevention provides self-service land claiming with the famous golden shovel, McMMO adds an exciting leveling system and custom loot, and players randomly spawn in the survival world spreading everyone out. This means every player has fresh land with fresh resources and there is NO central town or spawn. Oh yeah, and our Dynamic Map gives you a live arial view of the entire survival world. Altitude runs on a dedicated server from Kimsufi with 16GB of RAM and an i5 @ 3.1 GHz, which means Altitude provides a nearly lag free experience. We take advantage of full access to the server terminal by automating reboots and server management with cron-tasks, and optimizing every piece of the server down to the startup itself. If we haven't convinced you yet, we hope you'll give us the chance to convince you in-game. Give us the opportunity to blow you away with a survival server unlike any other by joining today. We hope to see you soon! This server bleeds excellence. A rare gem in the world of Minecraft for sure! - A User Review