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Welcome to the Chronical PvP! We are a unique 1.8 Factions and Raiding server. Our server is run by a few people, including myself, and YouTubeGaming. We have great plugins, including custom enchants, to enhance your experience!

Here's what our ranks nclude (We have more items as well!):

Lord Commands: $10.00 /ptime = changes the time (for you only) /hat = puts a hat on your head (must have a wearable item in hand) /kit potion = gives you tons of potions useful for pvp /kit lord = gives you the lord kit /ci = clears inventory (your items will NOT be refunded, so think twice!) /pv = player vault (/pv 1 - 2) /sethome (4 homes) = sets a home at that exact coordinat (ex: /sethome chronical) do /home chronical /tnt = tells you the amount of tnt $25,000 (1 time on purchase) 200 MCMMo Credits (1 time on purchase)

Titan Commands: $25.00 /near = tells you the players nearby you /sell hand = sells the current item in your hand /kit cannon = gives you the cannon kit /kit titan = gives you the titan kit /da toggle = Makes your armor change colors (disco) /pv - player vault (/pv 1 - 3) /sethome (6 homes) $40,000 (1 time on purchase) 300 MCMMo Credits (1 time on purchase)

Zeus Commands: $50.00 /fix = fixes the current item in your hand (when broken) /feed = feeds you automatically with no food in inventory /kit Zeus = gives you the Zeus kit /back = takes you back to your old location you was just at /pv - player vault (/pv 1 - 4) /sethome (8 homes) $55,000 (1 time on purchase) x2 McMMO = doubles MCMMo 400 MCMMO Credit (1 time on purchase)

Hero Commands: $75.00 /craft = brings up a crafting table so you can craft items /lightning = makes it begin to lightning (your screen only) /kit hero = gives you the kit hero /tptoggle = disables / enables tpa request /pv = player vault (/pv 1 - 5) /sethomes = 10 homes $65,000 (1 time on purchase) x2 McMMO = doubles McMMO 500 McMMO credits (1 time on purchase)

Legend Commands: $100.00 /fly = allows you to fly /fireball = summons a fireball /kit legend = gives you the legend kit /pv = player vault (/pv 1 - 6) /sethome = 12 homes $100,000 (1 time on purchase) x3 McMMO = triples McMMO 650 McMMO (1 time on purchase)

All of these can be purchased @


Contact support if you have an issue or concern at